Jillian's Holiday Fitness Gift Guide

Finding the right holiday gifts can be overwhelming! That is why I have complied my list of gift items for the fitness girl in your life.

Lather Muscle Ease Gel with Botanical Pain Relievers. I use the entire Lather skincare line because I like that they take a holistic approach to their products.

The herbal pain relieving gel is formulated with centuries-old plant extracts used by the native tribes of Northern Mexico to help relieve minor aches and pains of muscles and joints. Fast acting, it begins to work immediately once it's massaged into affected areas. Unique cooling and heating ingredients - menthol, camphor and capsaicin - provide temporary relief from backaches, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains.  

It’s a perfect fix to sore muscles after a hard workout 

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MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt. The MZ3 is the most relevant and versatile fitness tracker on the market, using Bluetooth, ANT+ and Analog technology to provide real time feedback on heart rate, calories, and effort, to ensure that you get accurate feedback on all your exercise, wherever and however you choose to train. 

What I love most about MYZONE is that is specifically formulated for your fitness success and I can see how hard I am working right in the gym. It’s able to accurately track a wide variety of exercise movements. Because the chest strap is 99.4% accurate to an EKG machine, every effort counts. Wrist based devices like Fitbit ignore pushups, leg press, boxing and planks because your wrist doesn’t move and your heart rate is unstable when your wrist is bent or clenched during movements such as boxing or weights.

If you’re a frequent gym goer, the answer is clear. Wrist trackers like Fitbit or Jawbone are simply not equipped to give you the readings that you want to see during all forms of exercise. Choose a chest strap that works as hard as you do. Through spinning, rock climbing, kettle bell swings or zumba–make sure your wearable device is able to accurately track your workout effort to help you meet your fitness goals faster.

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Corkcicle Canteen. It keeps keep beverages hot for over 12 hours or cold for over 25, features non-slip technology with shatter-proof construction, and comes in a sleek, modern design and a ton of super cute colors!! It also features an industry-leading three layers of insulation. This eliminates condensation from cold drinks and protects the hands from hot ones while providing the thermal retention of much larger, bulkier, and less attractive thermoses. Spin it, twist it, shake it, the Corkcicle Canteen won't leak from its threaded screw top. It has patented, flat, easy-grip sides as well as a non-slip bottom. Even if your Corkcicle Canteen manages to Fall out of your hands, its quality stainless construction won't break or shatter. 

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Shower Bombs. Loaded with a generous amount of pure coconut oil, this handmade aromatherapy shower bomb produces a refreshing fragrance that enticingly uplifts the spirits, deeply cleanses the palette and quickly melts away stress. As soon as a bit of water hits the shower bomb, it will emit the emit the aroma in order to fill your shower room with the tantalizing scent. Drop one in your shower and get ready to let the fragrance slowly tease and envelop your senses. This is my favorite way to end a long cold day!! And they have a ton of yummy scents to choose from so you should find something you’ll love too! 

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Wonder Woman Workout Top. Are you a Wonder Woman? Then this tank is perfect for you! This flowy racer back tank top is extremely comfortable and lightweight. Great for working out at the gym in style! 

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Knockout by Victoria Secret. These are my favorite pants because they are high waisted so they don’t fall down while you are working out! They are available as a crop or full length pant for the colder days!!

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Supplements for Your Stocking. I get asked all the time what kind of supplements women should be taking everyday and here is my breakdown:

Multi Vitamin


Omega -3

You want to make sure you are buying the right type of supplement because going to a super store or the local supermarket to purchase supplements doesn’t mean that you’re getting a good product. dotFit is the brand we recommend because they have a 3rd party testing done on their products so we know that what they say is in the bottle we are really getting! That is super important because you don’t want to fill your body with junk. 


Amino Boost is a great replacement to your pre workout. I suggest this as a pre-workout because it will utilize all 8 of the essential amino acids needed to help with Protein Syntheses to minimize protein breakdown during the workout itself. It has anti aging properties, provides increased strength, and helps with muscle recovery!

Available in Blue Raspberry, Grape and Lemonade.

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Sweaty Band BE. I am in love with these headbands because they don’t slip off my head when I am working out which can get super annoying, Then they created  a new headband called BE that not only doesn’t slip but I will hold up to 1oz of sweat!!!! It’s a working out game changer!! 

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